DBCDE - Australian Government Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (formerly DCITA)

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DBCDE has been a stakeholder and sponsor of a number of Galexia consulting projects:

The Department of Broadband, Communications, and the Digital Economy (DBCDE), now the Department of Communications and the Arts and formerly the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA), is the Commonwealth agency responsible for communications infrastructure, digital economy and online services, and broadcasting and digital media.

Key DBCDE initiatives have included the National Broadband Network, an awareness program for online safety and security, the switch to digital television, the Australian Do-Not-Call register, and ongoing development of online consumer protections.

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DBCDE - Strengthening Spam Legislation, Enforcement and Cooperation Regimes in the Pacific project (2007-2008)

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After a competitive tender process, Galexia was chosen to assist DBCDE in the development of a spam legislation, enforcement and co-operation regime. This project, funded in part by AusAID’s Pacific Governance Support Program (PGSP), will be applied across the island states of Niue, Samoa and Vanuatu.

As part of the project, Galexia had a central role in developing a package of anti-spam policy and legislation, specifically tailored for the participating Pacific Island countries, modelled on Australia’s Spam Act 2003. Galexia’s role continued through to developing a local enforcement capability, as well as participating in an international network of enforcing agencies.

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DBCDE - Malaysia-Australia E-Commerce Legal Infrastructure Analysis project (2006)

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Galexia was commissioned to assist the DBCDE (then DCITA) in preparing Malaysia - Australia E-Commerce Legal Infrastructure Analysis. The report will be of assistance in the development of the relationship between Malaysia and Australia in a number of areas - at a time when Malaysia and Australia are negotiating a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that contains a chapter on E-Commerce. Malaysia and Australia also have an ongoing interest in the harmonisation of electronic commerce legal infrastructure. Specifically, the document is a coverage analysis of selected areas of E-Commerce Legal Infrastructure in Australia and Malaysia.

The project was jointly managed by the International Branch of DBCDE in Australia and the Communications Division International Relations Unit of the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications.

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