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QT - Strategic advice (2001-2005)

Galexia assisted Queensland Transport with a range of advice on the New Queensland Driver Licence between 2001 and 2005. This included the production of numerous briefing notes on specific issues and attendance at a range of meetings and workshops. Galexia continued to provide ongoing advice as the project progressed to the public tender stage.

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QT - Privacy Stakeholder Consultations for new Queensland Driver License (2003)

Galexia assisted Queensland Transport conduct public consultations in late 2003 and early 2004 on the New Queensland Driver Licence. This included advice on the communications strategy and attendance at stakeholder meetings and workshops.

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QT - Privacy Management Strategy (PMS) for new Queensland Driver License (September 2003)

In March 2003 Galexia completed the Privacy Management Strategy (PMS) for Queensland Transport on the proposed Queensland Smart Card Driver Licence. In September 2003 this was released to the public as part of a formal consultation process. This Privacy Management Strategy (PMS) covers a wide range of technical and legal issues and proposes short, medium and long-term measures for ensuring that privacy issues are managed in the proposed roll-out of the new licence.

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QT - Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for new Queensland Driver License

Galexia conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) of new technology being considered by Queensland Transport, including ongoing advice to the Department on smart cards, electronic authentication, digital certificates, evidence of identity, and PKI. Galexia’s PIA and the subsequent Privacy Management Strategy received formal sign off from the Queensland Crown Solicitor and approval from a Cabinet sub-committee.