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Law Society of NSW - Digital Credentials for the Legal Profession - Phase II (2006)

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This project is an extension of work completed by Galexia in 2005, and involves the development of policies, procedures and documents for a pilot of the Law Society’s digital credentials. Galexia’s role is to ensure that policies are compatible with current best practices in PKI and the proposed Gatekeeper reforms.

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Law Society of NSW - Digital Credentials for the Legal Profession (2005)

Galexia won a competitive tender to provide business analysis, research and advice in the development of digital credentials for the legal profession in NSW and Australia.

The Law Society of NSW and the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources (DITR) have commissioned this.

This project consists of a number of phases delivered from June to October 2005.

  • Initial Phase
    Development and documentation of a high level business case, including identification of requirements, options, costs and impact.
  • The second phase
    Development of a methodology - including further development of the recommended option, including required policies and procedures, technical specifications and revalidation of the business case.

The project is a timely consideration of digital identity for lawyers and considers:

  • Digital signature certificates and Electronic Signatures
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Smart Cards
  • Impact of GateKeeper reforms
  • Electronic conveyancing
  • Electronic Court Lodgement

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