QVAS - Queensland Valuation and Sales System (QVAS)

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QVAS - Overview

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Galexia has played an ongoing role in the development, implementation and review of a code-of-conduct for QVAS - Queensland Valuation and Sales System.

This code-of-conduct is an excellent example of successful privacy self-regulation in the information broking sector.

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QVAS - Review of Queensland Personal Identification Information in Property Data (PIIPD) Code of Conduct (2013)

Galexia was engaged to undertake an independent review on the operations and effectiveness of the Queensland Personal Identification Information in Property Data (PIIPD) Code. The review considered the operation of the Code and encompass accountability, effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility, independence and fairness.

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QVAS - Development of the Code of Conduct (2008)

Galexia developed a Code of Conduct for bulk data access to identified information in the Queensland Valuation and Sales System (QVAS) database - the short title is the QVAS Code of Conduct.

Galexia assisted the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water and a working group of information broker industry representatives to develop this Code. The project included research on privacy issues, stakeholder workshops, multiple drafts and the development of an explanatory memorandum.

The Code covers privacy protections and complaints mechanisms for access to information about real property transactions in Queensland. The Code was submitted to the QLD Cabinet in late 2008 was subject to public consultations in 2009.

Galexia advised the following information brokers during the project:

  • Australian Property Monitors/Fairfax (APM);
  • CITEC;
  • Enhance;
  • PDS Live;
  • Residex;
  • RP Data;
  • Trivett Property Group; and
  • Veda Advantage.

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