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Galexia news available via RSS - 24 April 2009

Galexia news is now available as an RSS feed. To subscribe, click on the RSS logo subscribe to news feed or copy the address into your RSS reader.

Galexia news covers key developments in privacy, electronic commerce, and identity and authentication management in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, along with news about Galexia’s work.

RSS feeds allow you to track news and updates on websites without having to visit the website in your browser. There are several ways to follow RSS feeds:

  • Web browsers: current browsers like Internet Explorer (7+), Firefox (2+), Opera (9+) and Safari (2+) include built-in feed readers. Follow the link to the feed to view the news stories or subscribe.
  • Websites: there are online tools for aggregating feeds into a single page, useful if you use multiple computers. Popular sites include Bloglines, NewsGator, Google Reader, Netvibes and MyYahoo.
  • Feed reader software: You can install stand-alone programs to run from your desktop to read feeds. A typical Windows program is Feed Demon. There are many others listed at Wikipedia's RSS Reader entry.
  • Email software: Email clients like Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Mozilla Thunderbird include feed reader features.

Look for the subscribe to news feed RSS feed logo.

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