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Australia to adopt the UN Convention on the use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts - 23 April 2009

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Ministers at the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General meeting in April 2009 have agreed that the electronic commerce laws of Australia’s states and territories should be amended to allow Australia to adopt the United Nations Convention on the use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts.

The Convention sets out principles for the legal recognition of electronic communications, the nature of offer and acceptance in electronic contracts, the time and place of dispatch and receipt of electronic communications, the use of automated systems in contract formation, and errors in electronic communications.

As at April 2009, 18 countries have signed the Convention.

Galexia has written and worked extensively on electronic contracting issues in Australia and internationally, most notably assisting the ASEAN Member Countries in harmonising their electronic commerce laws and preparing an analysis of regional harmonisation of electronic commerce laws for the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

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