International and Cross-Border Research

Galexia has expertise in international research and analysis, and conducts large-scale comparative research for our clients. We utilise an extensive network of global partners and associates to deliver up to date analysis on technical, legal and policy developments in both developed and developing countries.

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Galexia has extensive experience in delivering customised international research to our business and government clients. We have developed unique methodologies for analysing, rating and measuring progress in individual countries against key criteria. We utilise collaborative cloud based reporting tools to provide real time access to our research and analysis.

Galexia has completed international research in a wide variety of fields, including Cybersecurity education, electronic health records, cloud computing readiness, privacy laws and enforcement, interactive gambling regulation and electronic contracting.

Galexia’s work in this area has included:

  • Cybersecurity standards and requirements in international banking and prudential regulations
  • Detailed analysis of Free Trade Agreements and other bi-lateral agreements;
  • Detailed analysis of global and regional treaties and agreements;
  • Comparative analysis of national laws;
  • Multi-country advice on cross border data transfers, IT outsourcing, data retention, etc;
  • Advice to government agencies and departments on cloud computing initiatives;
  • Publication of large scale legal information resources;
  • Development and conduct of multi-country surveys; and
  • Development and publication of regional and country implementation guides for digital economy regulation and infrastructure;


Related Projects

Case Studies and additional research

  • BSA Global - Galexia developed the landmark series Global Cloud Readiness Scorecards for BSA | The Software Alliance The scorecard examines the legal, regulatory and infrastructure environments in 24 countries, including a detailed assessment of their readiness for cloud computing.. The Scorecard is undergoing a significant update and a new series is being rleased in mid 2017. Read more »
  • ACMA CyberSecurity - International Cybersecurity education initiatives -Galexia, in partnership with the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, completed research for the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) on international Cybersecurity awareness raising and educational initiatives in May 2011. The study included research and advice on 68 Cybersecurity initiatives (both government and private sector) in 11 jurisdictions. Read more »
  • BSA Asia-Pacific - Galexia developed the Asia Pacific Digital Economy and Cloud Computing Scorecard in April 2011. The Scorecard is a comparative analysis of major cyberlaw issues and digital infrastructure in 14 Asia-pacific countries. The report discusses whether the region is making progress on developing consistent and harmonised laws and regulations that facilitate cloud computing. Some key gaps and challenges were identified in areas such as data protection law, cybercrime legislation and ICT infrastructure. Read more »
  • Department of Health and Ageing - The Commonwealth Department of Health and the Ageing commissioned Galexia to produce a strategic issues paper on a ‘National Health Identifier’. The project involved national and international research, consultation with government and non-government stakeholders and the development of findings and recommendations. Read more »

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