ICT Advisory Services

Galexia is a high-quality provider of ICT strategy, procurement and implementation services.

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Galexia has expertise and experience in ICT strategic consulting, solution architecture, software development and systems integration. Galexia was founded in 1999 as an online services provider, building some of the earliest major online portals for large organisations including the Law Society of NSW and the Law Institute of Victoria.

Galexia continues to provide high-quality technical services - from best-of-breed small business ICT/cloud strategy development, procurement and cloud implementation through to enterprise-level online services and support. We can provide:

  • advice on technology procurement;
  • with implementation of best practices - designing security, backup and systems management processes;
  • advice on architecture and management of ICT solutions;
  • and project management services;
  • on new technologies, including Google Apps and other cloud computing services;
  • and support for enterprise Java-based technology;
  • 'outsourced CIO' capabilities.

Our ICT services help businesses to leverage the latest technologies - from basic email and document sharing to cloud computing, provisioning processes, simple directory solutions, and backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Galexia’s expertise in business systems, new technologies and policy issues is founded on our strong grounding in the technical design and real-life operation of highly available ICT systems. Galexia has helped various clients with online services and support, including:

  • Law Institute of Victoria
  • Law Society of New South Wales
  • Flat Technologies
  • UTS
  • Lord Howe Island Museum
  • Sydney Water
  • Priscilla’s Model Management
  • Nosecone Australia Pty Ltd
  • Foundations (AU) Ltd
  • NSW Attorney General
  • Box Hill Institute
  • Macquarie Bank/Fairfax - Trading Room
  • Friends of the Earth (UK)
  • Greenpeace (Australia)
  • GST Pay
  • Lawpoint
  • News Interactive
  • Grange Securities/Surfboard

Galexia has provided ICT advice to both start-up companies and large multi-national enterprises. Galexia has particular expertise in enterprise-level communication and collaboration tools, and has engineered large-scale email systems. Galexia also takes particular interest in emerging platforms (secure approaches to mobile and cloud computing).