Self-regulation and Codes of Conduct

Galexia delivers strategic advice on industry self-regulation and codes of conduct.

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Galexia provides advice on a range of best practice regulation, including industry self-regulation, co-regulation, and codes of conduct. We understand that different regulatory models suit different applications, and advise on the most appropriate model for a given context.

Our legal and technological expertise spans electronic commerce, privacy, identity, authentication, and consumer protection, across a range of industries. We are in a unique position to balance regulatory and best practice requirements with business needs and stakeholder or consumer concerns.

Galexia’s approach and methodology for the development of Codes of Conduct encapsulates best practice approaches to self-regulation and fosters industry consensus and ownership.

Galexia can provide detailed best-practice advice on all of the following:

  • Code membership requirements
  • Conduct and obligations
  • Complaints and Enforcement
  • Code governance and review
  • Identification of Implementation Steps and Transition Issues
  • Code Registration and/or Authorisation


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Case studies and research

  • Queensland Valuation and Sales System Code of Conduct - Galexia developed a Code of Conduct for bulk data access to identified information in the Queensland Valuation and Sales System (QVAS) database, covering privacy protections and complaints mechanisms for access to information about real property transactions in Queensland. Read more »
  • Consumer protection in the telecommunications industry - This issues paper, prepared for CHOICE, provides an overview of consumer concerns with the co-regulatory consumer protection framework in the telecommunications sector in Australia. Read more »
  • Credit Reporting Regulatory Framework - This report, commissioned by Veda Advantage and submitted to the ALRC's review of Australian privacy law, discusses options for a framework for stronger, more effective and more efficient consumer protection in credit reporting in Australia. Read more »
  • Submission to the Review of the EFT Code of Conduct - This joint submission, prepared by Galexia, CHOICE, the Consumer Action Law Centre and the Centre for Credit and Consumer Law, discusses developments in electronic consumer payments, online fraud, and consumer protection. Read more »

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