Identity Management and Authentication - Strategic Consulting

Galexia delivers advice on the complex technologies and applications of identity management and authentication.

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Galexia has expertise in identity management and delivering electronic authentication advice.

Galexia’s expertise on identity management includes consideration of the policy context as well as technical design issues, legal compliance, political considerations and community attitudes. Our background in law, technology and public relations makes Galexia uniquely suited to delivering strategic advice on identity management.

Our consultations in authentication involve identifying and analysing the current legal and regulatory framework for the use of electronic authentication, with a particular focus on identifying obstacles to progress, and making recommendations for how such obstacles can be overcome.

Our technical background in both these areas gives us a unique understanding of the inner workings of electronic authentication and identity management technologies and ensures that we provide accurate and detailed advice and analysis in both of these areas.


Related Projects

Case Studies and additional research

  • Dept of Health and Ageing - The Commonwealth Department of Health and the Ageing commissioned Galexia to produce a strategic issues paper on a "National Health Identifier". The project involved national and international research, consultation with government and non-government stakeholders and the development of findings and recommendations. Read more »
  • AGIMO - IMAGE - Galexia has completed a project with the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and develop a Privacy Management Strategy (PMS) for the Identity Management for Government Employees (IMAGE) Framework. The framework provides infrastructure, protocols, policy and work practices that will allow government agencies to efficiently manage the identities of their employees and contractors. Read more »
  • Law Society of NSW - Galexia won a competitive tender to develop policies, procedures and documents for a pilot of the Law Society’s digital credentials. Galexia’s role is to ensure that policies are compatible with current best practices in PKI and the proposed Gatekeeper reforms. Read more »
  • AGIMO - AGAFI - Galexia won a competitive tender to work with the Department of Finance and Administration to conduct consultancy services for the Australian Government e-Authentication Framework for Individuals (AGAFI). The project involved the provision of strategic advice, and the provision of a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and Privacy Management Strategy (PMS) documentation for publication. Read more »
  • AGIMO - Gatekeeper - Galexia provided consultancy services to the Department of Finance and Administration (now the Department of Finance and Deregulation) relating to the Gatekeeper Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Framework. The Gatekeeper Strategy governs the use of PKI in government for the authentication of external clients. The strategy provides a whole-of-government framework that delivers integrity, interoperability, authenticity and trust for agencies and their clients. The strategy is underpinned by a standards-based, technology-neutral accreditation program for issuers of digital certificates. Read more »
  • ANTA - Galexia completed a discussion paper for the Australian National Training Authority on legal and regulatory issues in electronic authentication in the Vocational Education and Training sector. The paper includes a chapter on the legal and regulatory framework, including a lengthy summary of all applicable law, plus a detailed chapter on specific legal issues raised by the use of electronic authentication in the education sector.. Read more »
  • ABN-DSC - Galexia prepared a report for NOIE on issues in the use and cross recognition of Australian Business Number Digital Signature Certificates (ABN-DSC). This project included detailed analysis and comparison of all the ABN-DSC Certificate Policies, Certification Practice Statements and subscriber agreements available in Australia, and an analysis of international developments.

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