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Galexia is at the cutting edge of providing strategic advice and analysis of cloud computing issues to a range of global clients. We have developed unique methodologies for assessing cloud readiness, and we provide advice on legal and regulatory challenges as well as infrastructure issues.

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Galexia is experienced in assisting individual organisations to make the transition to cloud computing, while managing their legal and regulatory responsibilities. This has included advice on privacy, security and intellectual property issues as clients utilise cloud services to store and process data or to take advantage of online services.

Galexia’s team has also completed some of the world’s largest comparative analysis of whether countries are ready for cloud computing, including the analysis of laws, regulation, policy and infrastructure in 14 Asia Pacific countries in 2011 and 24 global countries in 2012, 2013 and 2015.


Related Projects

Case Studies and additional research

  • BSA Global - Galexia developed the landmark series Global Cloud Readiness Scorecards for BSA | The Software Alliance The scorecard examines the legal, regulatory and infrastructure environments in 24 countries, including a detailed assessment of their readiness for cloud computing.. The Scorecard is undergoing a significant update and a new series is being rleased in mid 2017. Read more »
  • BSA Asia-Pacific - Galexia developed the Asia Pacific Digital Economy and Cloud Computing Scorecard in April 2011. The Scorecard is a comparative analysis of major cyberlaw issues and digital infrastructure in 14 Asia-pacific countries. The report discusses whether the region is making progress on developing consistent and harmonised laws and regulations that facilitate cloud computing. Some key gaps and challenges were identified in areas such as data protection law, cybercrime legislation and ICT infrastructure. Read more »
  • Victorian Department State Development, Business and Innovation - DSDBI - Galexia completed a series of client data management PIAs for the Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development in 2009, 2010 and 2013. The advice considered issues of data security and transborder data flow under Victoria’s privacy laws, as well as public perception and system governance, as they moved some of their key services on to cloud computing platforms. Read more »

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