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Galexia completes 2nd PIA and Privacy Checklist for the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC) on cloud-based Data Analytics and Reporting (Phase 2 - Expanded Data Set) - October 2018

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Galexia was engaged by Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to develop an independent Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) - examining the privacy consideration of the complete data analytics program, examining privacy issues on the use of cloud hosting services (Microsoft Azure), system design (including the ‘Data Vault Model’), and the risk profile of the underlying information assets - building on the Data, Analytics and Reporting (DAR) Working Model PIA (July 2018).

This PIA was the second for the program and is intended to provide recommendations and identify the risks for the DAR Program as it progresses into the design phase. Subsequent assessments will then provide assurance that the design and built solution have taken into consideration the independent PIA recommendations.

Using the prior developed DAR PIAs (Phase 1 Working Model and then Phase 2 Expanded Data Set) as a baseline, Galexia developed a Data Release Privacy Checklist for the TAC Data, Analytics and Reporting (DAR) Program.

Galexia’s advice examined compliance with Victorian privacy legislation, health privacy legislation and the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework.

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