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Galexia completes initial Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC) on proposed cloud-based Data Analytics and Reporting Pilot - July 2018

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Galexia has completed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) on Phase 1 of their proposed Data Analytics and Reporting (DAR) Program. Phase 1 includes the development of a limited working model, based upon a slice of data.

The PIA considers privacy issues surrounding the proposed implementation of a new Data Analytics and Reporting (DAR) system based on cloud infrastructure. Galexia’s advice examines compliance with Victorian privacy and health privacy legislation.

The purpose of the PIA is to assist identifying and managing privacy issues that are raised by the design and proposed implementation of the DAR Program.

This initial PIA was limited to consideration of the first phase of the DAR Project, consisting of:

  • 1. Establishing a Working Model for the DAR Project utilising a limited data set;
  • 2. Working with sub-contractors and cloud service providers to develop the underlying infrastructure required for the DAR Program; and
  • 3. Evaluating the Working Model before proceeding with the further development and implementation of the DAR Project across a broader set of data

Galexia’s advice examined compliance with Victorian privacy legislation, health privacy legislation and the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework.

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