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European CyberSecurity Dashboard and 28 Country Reports Launched - 3 March 2015

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On 3 March 2015 BSA | The Software Alliance released the EU CyberSecurity Maturity Dashboard (including 28 Country reports and case studies).

The 2015 EU Cybersecurity Dashboard — the first-of-its-kind examination of the relevant policy approaches in the Member States — highlights some fundamental challenges as well as significant opportunities for improving cybersecurity across the EU.

The Report evaluates national laws, rules and policies in all 28 EU Member States against 25 criteria deemed essential for effective cybersecurity protections. It is intended to provide EU Member States with an opportunity to evaluate their countries’ policies against key metrics and maps a way forward by outlining the key building blocks for a strong cybersecurity legal framework.

The full Member State reports give an overview of the cybersecurity landscape, based on the set of criteria outlined below, highlighting key cybersecurity legislation and policy, as well as the main entities currently operating within each jurisdiction.

  • Legal foundations for cybersecurity;
  • Operational capabilities;
  • Public-private partnerships;
  • Sector-specific cybersecurity plans; and
  • Education.

This work complements Galexia’s other research reports for BSA, including the soon to be Global Cloud Readiness Scorecard published in 2012, 2013 and in April 2015.

Download the EU CyberSecurity Report and 28 Country Studies

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