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1. Books and Monographs

a) Books

Single Authored

1. Yee Fen LIM, Cyberspace Law: Commentaries and Materials (Oxford University Press, Melbourne 2002) ISBN 019 5515765 - 569 pages

2. Yee Fen LIM, Cyberspace Law: Commentaries and Materials (Oxford University Press, Melbourne 2007) 2nd edition, ISBN: 978 019 5558616 - 752 pages, with chapters on data protection law and authentication.

3. Hannah LIM Yee Fen, Data Protection in the Practical Context - Strategies and Techniques (Academy Publishing) - June 2017. Read more »


4. Beale T, Fitzgerald A, Fitzgerald B, Lim YF, & Middleton G, Internet and E-Commerce Law: Technology, Law and Policy (Thomson Legal & Regulatory Limited 2007)

5. Internet and E-Commerce Law: Technology, Law and Policy 2nd edition (Thomson Legal & Regulatory Limited 2011) co-authored with Fitzgerald A, Fitzgerald B, Clark E, Middleton G, (1286 pages)

b) Monographs

1. Yee Fen LIM, Legal Issues in Internet Crime (Centre for Environmental Law, Macquarie University, 2001) ISBN 1 86408 673 4 (150 pages)

c) Chapters in Books

1. Yee Fen LIM, “New Hope for Consumers of Digital Copyright Material in Hong Kong” in Fitzgerald B, Gao Fuping & O’Brien D (eds) Copyright law, Digital Content and the Internet in the Asia-Pacific (Sydney University Press 2008)

2. Yee Fen LIM, “A Comparative Analysis of PKI Regimes in Asian Jurisdictions” in Padmavathi L (ed) Electronic Signature Law: Emerging Trends (Amicus Books an imprint of the ICFAI University Press 2008) ISBN 81-314-1374-8

3. Yee Fen LIM, “The tangled web of copyright enforcement on the web in Singapore” in Antons C (ed) The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: Comparative Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region (Wolters Kluwer 2011) June 2011, ISBN 9041132198; ISBN 13: 9789041132192

4. Hannah Lim Yee Fen, “Data Protection in the Employment Setting” in Chesterman, S (ed) Data Protection Law in Singapore: Privacy and Sovereignty in an Interconnected World (2014 Academy Press, Singapore) ISBN 9-789810-779030 pp109-143.

5. Hannah Yee Fen Lim, “The Battle Against Digital Copyright Infringements in ASEAN”, in Christoph Antons (ed) Research Handbook On Intellectual Property Law in South East Asia (Edward Elgar 2016)

2. Articles and Papers

a) Refereed Articles in Journals

1. Yee Fen LIM, "A Logical View of the Hearsay Rule" (1994) 68 Australian Law Journal 724-729

2. Yee Fen LIM, "Multimedia: Authorisers of Copyright Infringement?" (1994) 5 Journal of Law and Information Science 306-313

3. Yee Fen LIM, "Multimedia Copyright Issues" (1994) 7 Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin 119-124

4. Yee Fen LIM, “Internet Service Providers and Liability for Copyright Infringement through Authorisation” (1997) 8 Australian Intellectual Property Journal 192-211

5. Yee Fen LIM, "Internet Gambling - the US Perspective" (1998) 1 no 8 Internet Law Bulletin 114-118

6. Yee Fen LIM, "The Application of the Doctrines of Contributory Infringement and Vicarious Liability to Internet Service Providers" 3 West Virginia Journal of Law and Technology 2.2 (March 15, 1999) 1-20

7. Yee Fen LIM, "Singapore: Internet Regulation or is it Censorship?" (1999) 2 Internet Law Bulletin 44-47

8. Yee Fen LIM, "Internet Governance, Resolving the Un-resolvable: Trade Marks Law and Internet Domain Names" (2002) 16 International Review of Law Computers & Technology 199-209

9. Yee Fen LIM, "Digital Signature, Certification Authorities and the Law" E Law Vol 9 no. 3 (September 2002) <>;

10. Yee Fen LIM, "Equal before the Law and on the Web - unless you are blind" (2002) 5(5) Internet Law Bulletin 49-53

11. Yee Fen LIM, "Jones v Toben - racial discrimination on the Internet" (2002) 5(4) Internet Law Bulletin 37-41

12. Yee Fen LIM, "Digital Signatures, Certification Authorities: Certainty in the Allocation of Liability", (2003) 7 Singapore Journal of International & Comparative Law 183-200

13. Yee Fen LIM, “Copyright in the Digital Age” [2003] New Zealand Law Journal 137-140

14. Yee Fen LIM, “The Multi-layered Impossibility of Harmonising E-commerce Laws Internationally” (2003) 3 Infosym Journal: The IT & Law Initiative 129-135.

15. Yee Fen LIM, "Digital Rights Management: contract law or copyright law?" (2003) 4 Infosym Journal: The IT & Law Initiative 1-8 (published by Symbiosis Law College, Deemed University, India)

16. Yee Fen LIM, "Digital Signatures and PKI: The Technical and the Legal" (2004) 6(9) Internet Law Bulletin 116-118.

17. Howard K & Lim YF, “I Spy With My Little Eye - Taking a Closer Look at Spyware” 2005 (2-3) The Journal of Information, Law and Technology (JILT). <>.

18. Howard K & Lim YF, “Protection of Children in the Virtual World” (2005) 2(2) Privacy Law Bulletin 17-20

19. Howard K & Lim YF, “Defamation and the Internet one more time: Dow Jones v Yousef Abdul Latif Jameel” (2005) 8(2) Internet Law Bulletin 21-23

20. Yee Fen LIM, “Is It Really Just a Game? Copyright and Online Role-Playing Games” (2006) 1 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 481-491

21. Yee Fen LIM, “DRMs, Economics, Copyright and Competition Law: The Australian Experience - The Economic Implications of Stevens v Sony” (2006) 3(2) Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues 67-82

22. Yee Fen LIM, “Computer Forensics and Privacy at the United States Border” (2006) 3(3) Privacy Law Bulletin 37-39

23. Yee Fen LIM, “Patently designed and trade marked: MMORPGs” (2007) 2(4) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 258-263

24. Hannah Yee Fen LIM, “Who Monitors the Monitor? Virtual World Governance and the Failure of Contract Law Remedies in Virtual Worlds” (2009) 11 Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law 1053-1073

25. Hannah Yee Fen Lim, “Virtual World, Virtual Land but Real Property” [2010] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 304-327.

26. Yee Fen LIM, “’Bound to Infringe’: The Forgotten Child of the Doctrine of Authorisation of Copyright Infringement” (2011) 33 European Intellectual Property Review 91-102

27. Hannah Yee Fen LIM, “Online gaming, the State of Play in Singapore” (2011) 23 Singapore Academy of Law Journal 74-92

28. Hannah Yee Fen LIM, “Is an Email Account ‘Property’?” (2011) 1 Property Law Review 59-67

29. Hannah Yee Fen LIM, “Data Protection at the Inaugural Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum” (2011) 8(1) Privacy Law Bulletin 11-14.

30. Hannah Yee Fen Lim, “Internet Intermediary Liability for Copyright Infringement in Singapore” (2011) 33 European Intellectual Property Review 807-813

31. Hannah Yee Fen LIM, “Singapore’s New Data Protection Act: The Principles” (2013) 9(5) Privacy Law Bulletin 77-79

32. Hannah Yee Fen LIM, “Singapore’s New Data Protection Act: The mechanics and the Do Not Call Regime” (2013) 9(5) Privacy Law Bulletin 80-82

33. Hannah Yee Fen Lim, “Nuts about Nutella: A Loss for Coffee and Chocolate Lovers?” (2013) 35(4) European Intellectual Property Review 230-235

34. Hannah Yee Fen Lim, “The Day the Music Died on the Internet in Australia: Phonographic Performance Co of Australia Ltd v Commercial Radio Australia Ltd” [2014] 2 European Intellectual Property Review 139-144

35. Hannah LIM Yee Fen , “The Data Protection Paradigm for the Tort of Privacy in the Age of Big Data” (2015) 27 Singapore Academy of Law Journal 789-821

36. Hannah LIM Yee Fen, “Trade marks, Territoriality and Trusts: An Uncomfortable Trinity” (2016) 28 Singapore Academy of Law Journal 277-285

b) Published Refereed Conference Proceedings

37. Lim YF, "Law and Regulation in Cyberspace" Refereed Conference Proceedings of 2003 International Conference on Cyberworlds published by IEEE, 34-9, ISBN 0-7695-1922-9.

38. Lim YF, “Digital Rights Management: Merging Contract, Copyright and Criminal Law” in R. Safavi-Naini R & Yung M (Eds.) Proceedings of First International Conference on Digital Rights Management: Technologies, Issues, Challenges and Systems 2005, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series 3919, pp 66-74, 2006. (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006)

3. Reports

1. Report of the Law Reform Committee on Online Gaming and Singapore (Law Reform Committee, Singapore Academy of Law July 2010), a law reform research report co-authored with other sub-committee members (appointed by Law Reform Committee) consisting of J.A Tan, A. Singh, W.Y. Wan, W. Chik.

2. BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard: A Blueprint for Economic Opportunity a research report (2011/2012) commissioned by Business Software Alliance, co-authored with colleagues at Galexia Pty Ltd available at

4. Invited Book Reviews in Refereed Journals

1. Lim YF, Book Review on Akindemowo O, Information Technology Law in Australia (Law Book, 1999) published at (1999) 21 Sydney Law Review 703-707.

2. Lim YF, Book Review on Broadhurst and Grabosky (ed), Cyber-Crime: The Challenge in Asia (Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Press, 2005) published at (2005) 35 Hong Kong Law Journal 778-781.

3. Lim YF, Book review of Liu, Kung-Chung & Heath, Christopher(ed.) Copyright Law and the Information Society in Asia, IIC Studies, 2007, Volume 26 (Hart Publishing Ltd) published at “Digital Media and Copyright in Asia” (2008) 3 Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 61-2.

4. Lim YF, Book review of Fiona Macmillan (ed.), New Directions In Copyright Law, Volume 6 (Edward Elgar) published at “The Future of Copyright Law” (2009) 4(4) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 297-298

5. Edited Journal Issues

1. Editor of special issue on Asia of Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice - Asia Special Issue, Vol 3, No 3, March 2008

2. Macquarie Law Journal - General Issue (2001) Vol 1, No 1, (with R Atherton, B Kercher, C Stewart & A Sharpe)

6. Editorial

1. Guest Editorial in Asia Special Issue (2008) 3 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 146-7.

7. Submissions

Lim Yee Fen, Submission to the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts Public Consultation to the Proposed Consumer Data Protection Regime For Singapore, October 2011 (20 pages single spaced).

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