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Galexia Associate publishes new book on privacy law in Singapore - June 2017

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Galexia Associate Yee Fen (Hannah) Lim has published a new book on privacy law in Singapore - Data Protection in the Practical Context - Strategies and Techniques (June 2017).

The book provides a detailed study of the law, practice and policy of personal data protection law in Singapore. As the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was adopted in April 2016 included provisions implementing a formidable extended jurisdictional reach, this book also provides practical coverage of the GDPR and gives clarity to the key provisions. The book includes an extensive exposition on Big Data and the Internet of Things and their inter-relationship with cybersecurity.


  • Chapter 1 The Context of Protecting Personal Data
  • Chapter 2 The Practical and Conceptual Framework
  • Chapter 3 The Concept of Personal Data
  • Chapter 4 Notification Obligation
  • Chapter 5 Consent Obligation
  • Chapter 6 Purpose Limitation Obligation
  • Chapter 7 Data Protection by Design and Default
  • Chapter 8 Access and Correction Obligations
  • Chapter 9 Care of Personal Data
  • Chapter 10 Transfer Limitation Obligation
  • Chapter 11 Other Notable Provisions in the European Union
  • Chapter 12 Looking Ahead

The book is available from:

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