Galexia works closely with clients to identify and resolve legal, technical and strategic issues in projects that raise privacy, security, identification or authentication issues. We help a diverse range of international, business and government clients to understand their legal, regulatory and best practice requirements, and to develop compliance tools and manage stakeholder consultation.

Galexia has an up to date understanding of cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital economy, identification and authentication technology and strategies. Our team has expertise in law, policy, technology and public relations. We have a wealth of experience in conducting and participating in industry and consumer consultations, and in delivering briefings at CEO, Board and Ministerial levels.

Galexia’s team has skills in public relations, clear communication and in dealing with the media as part of the consultation and presentation of project outcomes.

We think strategically and then propose and critically assess solutions, rather than simply inform clients in a legalistic and mechanical way.

Galexia has an excellent track record in working closely with clients to develop appropriate project methodologies and deliver quality project outcomes, based on best practice management systems and high quality infrastructure and support. We take an open, transparent and collaborative approach. We make project materials available via our secure extranet so that clients have the opportunity to collaborate in the project.

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Galexia delivers specialist management consulting, research and advisory services to our clients. Our services include:

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