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Galexia delivers specialist research and advisory services. Galexia has expert consultants in cloud computing, cybersecurity, identity, digital economy, privacy, authentication, electronic commerce and new technology. We leverage our legal, business and technical knowledge to deliver successful business strategies to a diverse range of clients.

Galexia works closely with clients to identify and resolve legal, technical and strategic issues in projects that raise privacy, security, identification or authentication issues. We help a diverse range of international, business and government clients to understand their legal, regulatory and best practice requirements, and to develop compliance tools, manage stakeholder consultation and architect solutions.

Galexia has an up to date understanding of cloud computing, cybersecurity, privacy, identity, digital economy, identification and authentication technology and strategies. Our team has expertise in law, policy, technology and public relations. We have a wealth of experience in conducting and participating in industry and consumer consultations, and in delivering briefings at CEO, Board and Ministerial levels.

We create clarity out of complexity.

Our focus is on research, advice, strategies and solutions involving cloud computing, e-commerce, identification, identity management, authentication, security and privacy in Australia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and globally. Read more »

We have deep involvement and experience in a number of sectors, including government, banking & finance, consumer rights, data brokers & infomediaries, education, eHealth, ICT, legal, telecommunication. Read more »

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