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Telstra - Identity Management and Authentication Projects (2006-2008)

Galexia (through Sun Microsystems, with partners including Accenture and EDS) assisted in the design of identity management, access control and authentication solutions for Telstra in Australia. Galexia provided expert consulting services, including analysis, lead architecture, high-performance software design and advice on performance/load/stress testing. The largest single implementation will provide identity management and single sign on authentication services to 20 million customer accounts - one of the most significant and advanced deployments worldwide. Galexia’s work for Telstra has included:

Telstra BigPond

This included advice on identity management and cross domain authentication for Telstra’s BigPond customers and content partners. It also included advice on next generation wireless services and applications.

Telstra ‘Transformation’ project

The Transformation project was Telstra's multi-billion dollar program of consolidation and new service rollout. Galexia’s involvement included advice on Telstra’s proposed integration and consolidation of all client services under a unified, consistent approach to identity management, single sign on and authentication.

Telstra Sentinel

This is Telstra’s system for the management of identity and access for internal staff and contractors. Galexia has advised on architecture and on performance, including a complete review and redesign of the system. The design incorporates next generation bi-level role based access control techniques.

Sensis Identity and Access Management

Sensis was developing a cross-domain single-sign on and access management platform that links customer accounts across its ‘Properties’ (Trading Post, Yellow Pages, White Pages etc). Galexia provided senior consulting advice in this project.

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