VIC-LHLA - Victorian Labour Hire Licensing Authority (LHLA)

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The Labour Hire Licensing Authority is responsible for implementing the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018, which introduced a licensing scheme for providers of labour hire across all industry sectors in Victoria.

The key elements of the licensing scheme includes:

  • labour hire providers must be licensed to operate in Victoria
  • those who use labour hire providers must only engage licensed providers
  • labour hire providers must report annually on their labour hire activities.


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VIC-LHLA - 2-stage PIA for Cloud-based Registry System (2018/19)

In August 2018, Galexia was engaged by Industrial Relations Victoria (IRV) - a division of Victorian Department of Premier & Cabinet (DPC).

Galexia conducted a 2-stage Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to assist in identifying and managing key privacy issues that are raised by the design and implementation of the Labour Hire Licensing ICT Solution and cloud-based online registry solution that is being operated by the Labour Hire Licensing Authority (LHLA).

The PIA was finalised in June 2019.

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