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Galexia provided privacy advice to the Department of Defence for their Identity Management Project. The aim of the project was to develop processes, procedures and systems to ensure that the identity of all Defence staff and contractors is authenticated using well known methodologies.

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Defence - PIA for Identity Management Project (2007)

Galexia completed an initial Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the Australian Department of Defence JP2099 Program - the Identity Management Capability. The broad purpose of this PIA was to provide a description and assessment of the personal information flows that are expected to occur for the JP2099 Identity Management Capability, assess the potential privacy legal issues and privacy perception issues that arise from the identified flows, and the Capability as a whole, and assess the impact these issues may have on the privacy of individual’s personal information. 

The aim of Project CERTE (JP2099) is to establish a common electronic identity across Defence business systems and achieve data integrity using smart cards and public key infrastructure. It includes systems integration and support, middleware development and sourcing of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software.

Galexia worked closely with the Department of Defence identity management and authentication team. Stakeholder consultations were sensitive and complex in this project because of the security and confidentiality issues involved. Galexia was trusted as an intermediary to liaise with key stakeholders such as the Privacy Commissioner.

In June 2007 Galexia presented strategic recommendations to the internal Defence Security Committee with responsibility for implementing Identity Management across all Defence Agencies and units. The Committee accepted Galexia’s recommendations unanimously.

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