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Ninth ASEAN E-Commerce workshop held in Siem Reap, Cambodia - August 2007

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On the 20th of August 2007, the ninth ASEAN Workshop on E-Commerce was held in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This Workshop (W9) had a focus on Phase 3 of the Project, Mutual Recognition of Digital Signatures, and on building an ASEAN Digital Signature Strategy. The Workshop discussed strategy and implementation issues.

The development of an ASEAN Digital Signature Strategy will assist ASEAN countries in addressing the legal, policy, technical and infrastructure issues needed to develop common methods for mutual recognition of digital signatures. It will assist those countries with legal infrastructures to make necessary adjustments and provide direction for those countries yet to implement an infrastructure.

The Workshop was also run in parallel to of the 8th ASEAN Telecommunications and IT Senior Officials Meeting (8th TELSOM) and the 7th ASEAN Telecommunications and IT Ministers Meeting (7th TELMIN).

Cambodia Strategy Meeting (W9) - August 20 Back Row: Peter van Dijk (Galexia), Amir Suhaimi Hassan (Malaysia), Harme Mohamed (Malaysia), Riki Arif Gunawan (Indonesia), Than Htun Aung (Myanmar), Chris Connolly (Galexia), Vu Chi Kien (Vietnam), Lee Hooi Teck (Malaysia), Troeng Douma (Cambodia) Front Row: Dr Ajin Jirachiefpattana (Thailand), Maw Maw Aye (Myanmar), Lin Ah Tin (Malaysia), Patricia M. Abejo (Philippines), (Vietnam), Bui Thi Ngoc Khanh (Vietnam), Somlouay Kittignavong (Laos)
Cambodia Strategy Meeting (W9) From left to right: Than Htun Aung (Myanmar), Patricia M. Abejo (Philippines), Amir Suhaimi Hassan (Malaysia), Peter van Dijk (Galexia), Bui Thi Ngoc Khanh (Vietnam), Vu Chi Kien (Vietnam), Mima Sefrina (ASEC), Riki Arif Gunawan (Indonesia), Somlouay Kittignavong (Laos), Harme Mohamed (Malaysia)
Cambodia Strategy Meeting (W9) - August 20 The workshop lunch: Mima Sefrina (ASEC), Maw Maw Aye (Myanmar), Patricia M. Abejo (Philippines)
Cambodia Ministry of Commerce - August 23 From left to right: Sven Callebaut (UNCTAD), Yin Yanno, Tous Sapha, Kang Koy (Min. Comm), Ban Lim (Nat. Bank of Cambodia), Chris Connolly (Galexia), H. E. Sorasak Pan (Min. Comm), Srey Siyout (Nat. Bank of Cambodia), H. E. Mao Thora (Min. Comm), Francis Vierboom (Galexia), Peter van Dijk (Galexia)

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