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Fourth ASEAN E-Commerce harmonisation workshop in Malaysia - July 2005

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Continuing Galexia’s series of international workshops on the ‘Harmonisation of Legal Infrastructure for E-Commerce in ASEAN’ project, Galexia co-ordinated a fourth workshop in Malaysia in July 2005. The workshop brought together high-level representatives from ASEAN member countries to discuss the implementation of e-commerce legal harmonisation for the region.

This Workshop was a gathering of around 35 delegates (including more than 31 from ASEAN, 2 from ASEC and 1 expert speaker) and technical experts to discuss many important aspects of the Project:

  • Recent developments in member countries in improving e-commerce legal infrastructure;
  • The meeting of the ASEAN Working Group on E-Commerce and ICT Trade Facilitation (Myanmar, 5 July 2005);
  • A report from UNCITRAL on the final consideration of the Convention on Electronic Contracting (Vienna, 4-15 July 2005);
  • Reports from other international developments, including the recent meeting of the ASIA PKI Forum (Singapore, 6 July 2005);
  • Consideration of the draft content of the Generic Implementation Guide; and
  • Consideration of the template for the Country Implementation Guides.

The objective of this Workshop (W4) was to help ASEAN and the Galexia E-Commerce Project team to further develop the content of the Generic Implementation Guide (GG1) and seek member country input and advise on the content and structure of the Country Specific Implementation Guides (CG1-10).

Workshop content included the presentation of material and updates on national, regional and international initiatives including an extended presentation on the final text of the UNCITRAL draft convention, and a detailed examination of the Generic Implementation Guide (GG1) and the Survey on Implementation Issues and Constraints for a Harmonised E-Commerce Legal Infrastructure in ASEAN (S2) results.

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