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Australian Department of Communications Technology Advice Panel - June 2014

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Galexia has been appointed to the Department of Communications Technology Advice Panel to provide specialised services to the Department.

The specialised services include:

1. Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Industry Research and Analysis
a) Research and analysis of the ICT industry, including
  • Horizon scanning and forecasting
  • Technology developments (incl. hardware, software and processes) and their performance and impacts
  • Telecom and communications deployments, including migrations
  • Demand and supply side trends and drivers
  • Industry structure, alliances, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions key players and market segments
  • Regulatory and public policy issues
  • Modelling, costing's and deployment plans
  • Sectoral and trans-sectoral ICT developments and deployments
  • Technical standardisation and assorted trends, nationally, regionally and internationally. Provisions for telecommunications and communications in the built environment (e.g. pathway systems)
  • International comparisons and case studies in relation to any or all of the above
b) Customised primary and secondary research and analysis as required.

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