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3rd Global Cloud Computing Readiness Scorecard being developed for mid 2015 launch - August 2014

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In August 2014 Galexia began work on an important research project for BSA - The Software Alliance. Galexia has been commissioned to prepare the 3rd Global Cloud Computing Readiness Scorecard, following the success of the 2012 and 2013 scorecards.

The new scorecard will be released in mid-2015.

The Galexia / BSA Global Cloud Scorecard will analyse the legal and regulatory framework and broadband infrastructure of 24 countries that together make up 80 percent of the global ICT market. The analysis is grouped under seven policy categories that are central to the growth and operation of cloud computing.

The study will include a detailed country-by-country analysis of legislation, regulations, case law, government policy and standards. The assessments include an evaluation of enforcement and implementation of existing laws in each country, as well as an assessment of compliance with relevant treaties and global agreements where applicable. The Scorecard analysis is based upon a combination of published information and statistics and evaluation by independent experts at Galexia.

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