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Asia Cloud Computing Association incorporates Galexia research into its 2nd Cloud Readiness Index - 13 November 2012

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The 2nd Cloud Readiness Index (CRI) developed by the Asia Cloud Computing Association evaluates key attributes in order to identify the state of readiness for cloud computing in 14 markets across the Asia region. It also provides insight into how regulation and policy work address cloud computing issues.

The Index is designed to look at the state of readiness for cloud computing in markets across the Asia Pacific region - especially how we see regulation and policy work by governments - to help advance cloud computing in Asia. It measures key attributes and conditions that will help companies and individuals determine which markets are currently best placed for wide adoption of cloud computing services.

The Index incorporates information from several sources, including the Global Cloud Computing Scorecard (2012) completed by Galexia for the Business Software Alliance (BSA) in February 2012.

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