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Galexia chapter in 'Enforcing Privacy' book published (Springer) - April 2016

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Galexia directors Chris Connolly and Peter van Dijk are the authors of a chapter in the new book Enforcing Privacy - Regulatory, Legal and Technical Approaches (published by Springer, April 2016). This is the first major book to focus on the enforcement of privacy, and contains chapters from many leading privacy experts, including key regulators, academics, consultants and politicians.

Chris Connolly and Peter van Dijk contributed the chapter on Enforcement and Reform of the EU-US Safe Harbor Agreement. The chapter includes a detailed analysis of every Safe Harbor enforcement action. It also includes a detailed history of attempts to reform the Safe Harbor agreement, culminating in the proposed EU-US Privacy Shield in 2016.

Galexia advises on options for the cross border transfer of personal data in compliance with global, regional and national data protection requirements. The enforcement of these arrangements is a key issue in data protection, and this book provides a unique insight into the diversity of legal and technical enforcement options that are in use today.

More Information:

Enforcing Privacy - Regulatory, Legal and Technical Approaches
Wright, David, De Hert, Paul (Editors.)
Springer (publisher), April 2016

Table of contents (21 chapters):

  • Introduction
    • 1. Introduction to Enforcing Privacy - Wright, David (et al.) - Pages 1-12
    • 2. Enforcing Privacy - Wright, David - Pages 13-49
  • Part I - Countries
    • 3. Failures of Privacy Self-Regulation in the United States - Gellman, Robert (et al.) - Pages 53-77
    • 4. From a Model Pupil to a Problematic Grown-Up: Enforcing Privacy and Data Protection in Hungary - Szekely, Ivan - Pages 79-104
    • 5. A Tale of Two Privacies: Enforcing Privacy with Hard Power and Soft Power in Japan - Miyashita, Hiroshi - Pages 105-122
    • 6. The Spanish Experience of Enforcing Privacy Norms: Two Decades of Evolution from Sticks to Carrots - Lombarte, Artemio Rallo - Pages 123-144
    • 7. Data Protection and Enforcement in Latin America and in Uruguay - Brian Nougrères, Ana - Pages 145-180
  • Part II - International Mechanisms
    • 8. The International Working Group on Data Protection in Telecommunications: Contributions to Transnational Privacy Enforcement - Dix, Alexander - Pages 183-193
    • 9. Enforcing Privacy Across Different Jurisdictions - Svantesson, Dan - Pages 195-222
    • 10. Cross-Border Breach Notification - Stewart, Blair - Pages 223-231
    • 11. Responsive Regulation of Data Privacy: Theory and Asian Examples - Greenleaf, Graham - Pages 233-259
    • 12. Enforcement and Reform of the EU-US Safe Harbor Agreement - Connolly, Chris & van Dijk, Peter - Pages 261-283
  • Part III - Instruments
    • 13. How Effective Are Fines in Enforcing Privacy - Grant, Hazel (et al.) - Pages 287-305
    • 14. Enforcing Privacy Rights: Class Action Litigation and the Challenge of - Rotenberg, Marc (et al.) - Pages 307-333
    • 15. Data Protection Certification: Decorative or Effective Instrument - Audit and Seals as a Way to Enforce Privacy - Bock, Kirsten - Pages 335-356
    • 16. The Co-existence of Administrative and Criminal Law Approaches to Data Protection Wrongs - Hert, Paul (et al.) - Pages 357-394
    • 17. Whom to Trust - Using Technology to Enforce Privacy - Métayer, Daniel - Pages 395-437
  • Part IV - Challenges for the Future
    • 18. The Irish DPA and Its Approach to Data Protection - Hawkes, Billy - Pages 441-454
    • 19. Getting Our Act Together: European Data Protection Authorities Face Up to Silicon Valley - Kohnstamm, Jacob - Pages 455-472
    • 20. Regaining Control and Sovereignty in the Digital Age - Albrecht, Jan Philipp - Pages 473-488
    • 21. Privacy Enforcement in Search of Its Base - Rule, James B. - Pages 489-497