Galexia delivers specialist research and advisory services. Galexia has expert consultants in cloud computing, cybersecurity, identity, privacy, authentication, electronic commerce and new technology. We leverage our legal, business and technical knowledge to deliver successful business strategies to a diverse range of clients.

We create clarity out of complexity.

Our focus is on research, advice, strategies and solutions involving cloud computing, e-commerce, identification, identity management, authentication, security and privacy in Australia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and globally. Read more »

We have deep involvement and experience in a number of sectors, including government, banking & finance, consumer rights, data brokers & infomediaries, education, eHealth, ICT, legal, telecommunication. Read more »

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January 2017
Galexia presenting at CPDP2017 (The Age of Intelligent Machines) Computers, Privacy & Data Protection 10th International Conference, Brussels. Read more »

December 2016
Galexia presenting at the Annual European Data Protection and Privacy Conference, Brussels. Read more »

November 2016
Article in Data Protection Leader - Regulators fight back against privacy fraud. Read more »

October 2016
Galexia Director Chris Connolly joins the Editorial Board of Data Protection Leader. Read more »

October 2016
Galexia presenting at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, Marrakech. Read more »

July 2016
Galexia completes Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the NSW Information and Privacy Commission on Government Access tool. Read more »

April 2016
Galexia chapter in 'Enforcing Privacy' book published (Springer). Read more »

April 2016
3rd Global Cloud Computing Readiness Scorecard released. Read more »

April 2016
Galexia helps the United Nations publish major study on data protection and trade. Read more »

April 2016
3rd Global Cloud Computing Readiness Scorecard due for public release. Read more »

April 2016
United Nations hosting major E-Commerce event in Geneva. Read more »

March 2016
Galexia article about Implementation of the new EU-US Privacy Shield. Read more »

January 2016
The European Union Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive moves a step closer to implementation. Read more »

July 2015
Galexia Director speaking at Privacy Law and Business Conference in Cambridge (UK). Read more »

July 2015
APAC CyberSecurity Dashboard and 10 Country Reports Launched. Read more »

June 2015
Vale Claro ‘Lalen’ Parlade. Read more »

June 2015
Privacy Review for Diabetes Australia. Read more »

March 2015
European CyberSecurity Dashboard and 28 Country Reports Launched. Read more »

March 2015
Galexia to present at Expert Meeting on Cyberlaws and Regulations for Enhancing E-Commerce, Geneva. Read more »

August 2014
3rd Global Cloud Computing Readiness Scorecard being developed for mid 2015 launch. Read more »

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