Research - Internet Law Bulletin - List of Articles, Casenotes, Bytes and Research Links

Volume 9 Nos. 6 and 7 (November 2006)

  • Article - Publishing online: considering the moral rights implications - Maree Sainsbury
  • Article - Digital copyright law in a YouTube world - Damien O’Brien and Brian Fitzgerald
  • Article - ‘Anticipated litigation’ and web pages: what are lawyers’ obligations? - Allison Stanfield
  • Article - Regulation of online banking Part 1: the impact of APRA outsourcing and business continuity management standards - Liong Lim and Jacqueline Cachia
  • Article - Developments in the war against spam: ACMA develops a ‘one click’ button - Adam Santa Maria and Karin Clark
  • Article - Virtual contracts: the implications of e-conveyancing for law firms - Angus Kidman
  • Article - File sharing in the brave new world: peer-to-peer after Kazaa begins filtering its files - Michael Williams
  • Article - Google and Apple Computer take action to protect their ‘Google’ and ‘iPod’ trade marks against trade mark dilution - Georgia Foster
  • Casenote - Melway Publishing Pty Ltd v Fopoco Pty Ltd T/As Melways Advertising WIPO Case No DAU2006-0005
  • Byte - Cooper v Universal Music: appeal before the Full Federal Court
  • Byte - New .mobi top level global internet domain for mobile devices