Research - Internet Law Bulletin - List of Articles, Casenotes, Bytes and Research Links

Volume 8 No. 8 (November 2005)

  • Article - Copyright Act ‘Digital Agenda’ provisions fail to protect PlayStation from counterfeiting - Peter Knight
  • Article - Sharman and Cooper: tearing at the fabric of s 112E? - Simon Minahan
  • Article - Sponsored links and trade mark litigation: possible approaches in Australia - Paul Kallenbach and Fahim Ahad
  • Article - Horse bolts from the gate for EU databases - is your database protected? - Orana Swan and Kristin Stammer
  • Casenote - Liability for internet activities - ‘carrying on business’ and more - GEBO Investment (Labuan) Ltd v Signatory Investments Pty Ltd
  • Article - VOIP security matters? - Paul Clarke
  • Byte - Use of digital certificates by ATO
  • Byte - Domain names and passing off: when is a domain name an instrument of fraud?
  • Byte - Tax Office untangles tax issues for NZ internet traders
  • Byte - Publishers seek declaration that Google’s online library infringes copyright
  • Byte - Rights of Australian company upheld in first WIPO .au decision
  • Byte - WIPO again upholds Australian company’s right to use .au domain name
  • Byte - ICANN completes negotiations for sTLD .mobi
  • Byte - Coonan announces digital radio policy framework