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Galexia delivers specialist management consulting services. Galexia has expert consultants in cloud computing, cybersecurity, cyberlaws, digital economy, privacy, authentication, electronic commerce and new technologies.

We leverage our legal, business and technical knowledge to deliver successful business strategies to a diverse range of clients.

Galexia works closely with clients to identify and resolve legal, technical and strategic issues in projects that raise privacy, security, identification or authentication issues. We help a diverse range of international, business and government clients to understand their legal, regulatory and best practice requirements, and to develop compliance tools, manage stakeholder consultation and architect solutions.

Galexia has an up to date understanding of cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital economy, identification and authentication technology and strategies. Our team has expertise in law, policy, technology and public relations. We have a wealth of experience in conducting and participating in industry and consumer consultations, and in delivering briefings at CEO, Board and Ministerial levels.

Galexia’s team has skills in public relations, clear communication and in dealing with the media as part of the consultation and presentation of project outcomes.

We think strategically and then propose and critically assess solutions, rather than simply inform clients in a legalistic and mechanical way.

Galexia has an excellent track record in working closely with clients to develop appropriate project methodologies and deliver quality project outcomes, based on best practice management systems and high quality infrastructure and support. We take an open, transparent and collaborative approach. We make project materials available via our secure extranet so that clients have the opportunity to collaborate in the project.

Galexia's Services

Cloud Computing Strategy and Advice

Galexia is at the cutting edge of providing strategic advice and analysis of cloud computing issues to a range of global clients. We have developed unique methodologies for assessing cloud readiness, and we provide advice on legal and regulatory challenges as well as infrastructure issues.

Galexia is experienced in assisting individual organisations to make the transition to cloud computing, while managing their legal and regulatory responsibilities. This has included advice on privacy, security and intellectual property issues as clients utilise cloud services to store and process data or to take advantage of online services. 

Galexia’s team has completed some of the world’s largest comparative analysis of whether countries are ready for cloud computing, including the analysis of laws, regulation, policy and infrastructure in 14 Asia Pacific countries in 2011 and 24 global countries in 2012, 2013 and 215 in the landmark Global Cloud Scorecard.

International and Cross-Border Research

Galexia has expertise in international research and analysis, and conducts large-scale comparative research for our clients. We utilise an extensive network of global partners and associates to deliver up to date analysis on technical, legal and policy developments in both developed and developing countries.

Galexia has extensive experience in delivering customised international research to our business and government clients. We have developed unique methodologies for analysing, rating and measuring progress in individual countries against key criteria.

Galexia has completed international research in a wide variety of fields, including cyber-security education, electronic health records, cloud computing readiness, privacy laws and enforcement, interactive gambling regulation and electronic contracting.

Galexia’s work in this area has included:
    • CyberSecurity Legal Maturity across the EU and APAC 
    • Detailed analysis of Free Trade Agreements and other bi-lateral agreements;
    • Detailed analysis of global and regional treaties and agreements;
    • Comparative analysis of national laws;
    • Multi-country advice on cross border data transfers, IT outsourcing, data retention, etc;
    • Advice to government agencies and departments on cloud computing initiatives;
    • Publication of large scale legal information resources;
    • Development and conduct of multi-country surveys; and
    • Development and publication of regional and country implementation guides for digital economy regulation and infrastructure;

Specialised Legal and Regulatory Consulting

Galexia delivers detailed legal and regulatory analysis with a strategic perspective.

Our extensive legal background and our understanding of the impact of new technology on business processes allow us to deliver detailed and up to date legal and regulatory analysis. The task of interpreting legislation and regulations which have an impact on new technology products and services is one of Galexia’s core areas of expertise.

Galexia is particularly adept at performing this task in situations where more than one law or standard applies. We are able to develop compliance cross reference tables matching key administrative tasks and processes against all compliance requirements. We also possess the expertise to use these tables in developing plain language, well structured policy, process and guideline documentation.

Galexia has provided advice in more than 50 countries, including, every Australian jurisdiction, the EU (and analysis covering all 28 member countries), Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, the United States and all Member Countries of ASEAN (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).

Galexia staff and associates continue to publish up-to-date articles on all aspects of electronic commerce law, and we have provided online teaching materials for Cyberspace Law and Electronic Commerce Law courses at the University of NSW.

Strategic Privacy Consulting

Galexia has expertise and experience in global privacy strategy.

We integrate our privacy products and services with business process, software development and technology implementation project life-cycles  Our projects have involved large-scale and technically complex applications. Typically in these projects, getting the privacy right is a core business requirement.

Privacy Management Lifecycle: Our Privacy Products and Services

The management of privacy issues is a recognised (and maturing) compliance task. Galexia has developed a range of tools to assist in privacy management.

Clients may wish us to be involved in a single aspect of privacy management, ask us to be involved in the privacy management of a whole project, or seek our advice on a regular basis.

Our services and tools include:
    • Design
      • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) This assessment identifies privacy issues in specific sectors or applications. A PIA process is particularly useful in implementations of new technology or new processes. By using the PIA tool at the design stage of an implementation organisations can avoid privacy errors and the costs of rectification at later stages.
      • Privacy Management Strategy (PMS)This tool is used to develop and implement a risk management strategy and practical action plan. Each privacy issue is allocated a response and action is delegated to individuals or organisations. The PMS includes a compliance timetable.
      • Privacy Risk ManagementPublic and stakeholder consultations on the chosen strategy are often as important as ensuring technical compliance. Effective consultation can help identify and manage key privacy risks.
    • Solution Implementation
      • Privacy Oversight Committee This tool is used to develop a governance structure to oversee privacy issues arising throughout the life of the implementation. Some privacy issues may not be ascertained at the design stage so reviews and audits under the direction of an oversight committee are often necessary.
      • DocumentationWe assist clients to develop documentation which addresses identified privacy concerns, including privacy manuals, web site privacy policies, integration with existing policy and procedure documents, and customer consent forms.
    • Training and education
      • We develop content for and present educational materials and training workshops for staff and key service providers to ensure that the client’s entire business is privacy aware.
    • Review
      • Monitoring - Privacy auditReviewing the effective adoption and use of complying processes and documentation on a regular basis (including by independent audit) is a useful tool in identifying and managing privacy risks. It also raises public confidence in the management of privacy, particularly in new technology projects. This process is targeted at identifying and dealing with problems before complaints or claims are received.

Our privacy consulting focus is on compliance advice and compliance strategies for organisations in Australia and range of Asia Pacific and International jurisdictions. We have direct experience of privacy compliance issues in Australia, the EU, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan and the United States.

Self-regulation and Codes of Conduct

Galexia delivers strategic advice and practical implementations and reviews on industry self-regulation and codes of conduct.

Galexia provides advice on a range of best practice regulation, including industry self-regulation, co-regulation, and codes of conduct. We understand that different regulatory models suit different applications, and advise on the most appropriate model for a given context.

Our legal and technological expertise spans electronic commerce, privacy, identity, authentication, and consumer protection, across a range of industries. We are in a unique position to balance regulatory and best practice requirements with business needs and stakeholder or consumer concerns.

Galexia’s approach and methodology for the development of Codes of Conduct encapsulates best practice approaches to self‑regulation and fosters industry consensus and ownership.

Galexia can provide detailed best-practice advice on all of the following:
    • Code membership requirements
    • Conduct and obligations
    • Complaints and Enforcement
    • Code governance and review
    • Identification of Implementation Steps and Transition Issues
    • Code Registration and/or Authorisation

Issues Management: Public and Stakeholder Consultations

Our team has a wealth of experience in conducting and participating in industry and consumer consultations and workshops, and in delivering briefings at CEO, Board and Ministerial levels.

While we have our own extensive network of contacts we also work closely with clients to assist in the consultation process. We are experienced in managing stakeholder liaison and providing stakeholder services such as conducting workshops, stakeholder correspondence, media analysis and advice on the media response.

Galexia’s team also have experience in public relations, clear communication and in developing documentation such as media kits, Frequently Asked Questions, fact sheets, discussion papers and workshop information packs.

Identity Management and Authentication – Strategic Consulting

Galexia delivers advice on the complex technologies and applications of identity management and authentication.

Galexia has expertise in identity management and delivering electronic authentication advice.

Galexia’s expertise on identity management includes consideration of the policy context as well as technical design issues, legal compliance, political considerations and community attitudes. Our background in law, technology and public relations makes Galexia uniquely suited to delivering strategic advice on identity management.

Our consultations in authentication involve identifying and analysing the current legal and regulatory framework for the use of electronic authentication, with a particular focus on identifying obstacles to progress, and making recommendations for how such obstacles can be overcome.

Our technical background in both these areas gives us a unique understanding of the inner workings of electronic authentication and identity management technologies and ensures that we provide accurate and detailed advice and analysis in both of these areas.

Identity Management and Authentication – Technical Consulting

Galexia has expertise in identity management technical architecture and implementation, including strategy, business and technical requirements, architecture and design.

Galexia is a trusted advisor partner on a number of identity management projects. 

Galexia provides:
    • Stakeholder consultation and business, requirements and risk analysis;
    • Technology evaluation to choose relevant products and vendors, based on wide experience;
    • Strategy, architecture and design supported by detailed technical knowledge and best practices;
    • Planning for deployment;
    • Useful, realistic and respected consulting advice;
    • Open communication;
    • Delivery of professional and high quality outputs and outcomes;
    • A depth of technical, business and legal knowledge and experience.
Galexia has specialised in the architecture of distributed identity solutions, including authentication, authorisation, accounting, auditing, single sign-on, federation, provisioning, synchronisation, public key infrastructure and emerging user-centric (Identity 2.0) approaches.

Galexia has provided senior consulting services to large-scale identity management architecture projects for customers including AEMO, Australian Government Online Service Point (AGOSP) Authentication Team, Vodafone, Telstra, Bigpond, Sensis, Foxtel, the Australian Taxation Office, the Roads and Traffic Authority NSW and Singapore Government.

Identity Management and Authentication – Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Galexia can assess cloud identity management challenges in an organisation, develop an approach for avoiding common pitfalls, and a roadmap that will turn challenges into opportunities.

With the accelerating adoption of cloud-based SaaS applications, organisations are increasingly facing new identity and access management (IAM) related challenges, including:
    • Proliferation of credentials
    • Separate user repositories for each SaaS application
    • Control of access entitlements and the identity lifecycle
    • IAM interoperability: enterprise, cloud and social media
    • Cloud identity authentication and provisioning: standards, proprietary integration and vendor lock-in
    • Mobile application authentication and credential management
    • Support for multi-factor authentication
    • Support for identity attribute aggregation
    • Identity gateways, bridges, routers
    • Consistent application of security and privacy policy
    • Scalability of cloud-based IAM
Galexia offers a number of Cloud IAM services:
    • Policy development
    • Strategy development
    • Roadmap, options and costs
    • Product and vendor evaluation
    • GRC and auditing
    • Identity lifecycle business process analysis and re-design
    • Design principles and best practices

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