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Second edition of 'Cyberspace Law: Commentaries and Materials' - January 2007

Cyberspace Law: Commentaries and Materials: Contents

1. Introduction

2. Jurisdiction

3. Electronic Contracting

4. Privacy and the Internet

5. Encryption

6. Electronic Signatures

7. Internet Crime

8. Internet Content Regulation

9. Copyright on the Internet

10. Trade Mark Law and the Internet

11. Patents

12. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

13. Uninvited Material

14. Internet Taxation

15. The Way Ahead

Yee Fen Lim, senior consultant at Galexia, has published a comprehensive revision of her Oxford University Press book, Cyberspace Law: Commentaries and Materials.

Cyberspace Law brings the complex legal issues of the Internet to both law students and practitioners. With a foreword by the Honourable Justice Gummow AC QC of the High Court of Australia, the book reflects recent changes in legislation, providing a detailed study of this fast moving field of law. It covers new technological developments as well as recent changes in legislation.

Cyberspace Law has been adopted by numerous universities around the world as the definitive textbook on cyberspace laws, providing expert commentary on cases and legislation in all areas of e-commerce, internet and technology law.

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