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Galexia at the Canberra APEC Data Privacy Seminar - January 2007

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On the 22-23rd January 2007, the First Technical Assistance Seminar on the APEC Privacy Framework was held at the National Convention Centre in Canberra. The meeting was a gathering of delegates from around the world to discuss the international implementation of the Framework, with a core focus on making compliance possible and enforcement credible when personal information moves between economies.

The Seminar allowed participants to discuss issues raised by the transfer of personal information in the APEC region. Cross-Border Privacy Rules were discussed as a potential mechanisms for business and APEC economies to put into place the privacy principles contained in the APEC Privacy Framework. A seminal point raised by the delegates on the use of Cross-Border Privacy Rules by business, was how they might provide certainty to their customers on how their personal information will be protected.

Galexia Director Chris Connolly spoke at the meeting, discussing the practical issues of achieving global compliance, particularly from a business perspective. Chris outlined and explored mechanisms that enable industry to meet business and consumer needs through accountable transfers of personal information across economies, whilst remaining consistent with the APEC Privacy Framework.

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