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Gatekeeper reforms published - October 2006

In late September 2006, the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) released amended documentation for the Gatekeeper PKI Framework. This documentation was developed in conjunction with Galexia in order to govern the use of PKI in government for the authentication of external clients. The strategy provides a whole-of-government framework that delivers integrity, interoperability, authenticity and trust for agencies and their clients. The strategy is underpinned by a standards-based, technology neutral accreditation program for issuers of digital certificates.

This project included a mixture of strategic, technical, security and legal advice. Gatekeeper is considered to have provided only limited success in Australia, and the reform of Gatekeeper is designed to enable the production of new, flexible digital certificate categories and the removal of compliance burden and paperwork for PKI service providers. Legal and privacy issues were also reviewed to ensure greater certainty and simplicity.

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