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Galexia hosts 7th ASEAN Workshop on E-Commerce in Brunei - September 2006

On the 9-11th of September 2006, the seventh ASEAN Workshop on E-Commerce was held in Brunei. The Brunei Workshop (W7) was a gathering of around 30 delegates and technical experts, including more than 20 from ASEAN member countries. Galexia hosted the workshop and provided expert presentations and materials.

Workshop content included the following presentations and materials:

— Report on proceedings at the Working Group meeting in Manila on 29 May 2006;

— Review and discussion of developments in member countries and international initiatives in electronic contracting, jurisdiction and online dispute resolution legal infrastructure;

— The contents of the Draft Framework Document (FD). The FD will contain options for a common framework for harmonised legal infrastructure for electronic contracting, jurisdiction and online dispute resolution; and

— Discussion and confirmation of steps required to achieve consensus on a preferred Option for harmonisation in ASEAN.

The objective of this Workshop (W7) was to help ASEAN and the Galexia E-Commerce Project team to finalise the content of the Framework Document (FD) and develop a recommendation to the ASEAN Working Group on E-Commerce and ICT Trade Facilitation.

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