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Sixth ASEAN E-Commerce workshop in Manila - May 2006

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The sixth ASEAN Workshop on E-Commerce was held in Manila from 27-28th May 2006. It was a gathering of around 32 delegates (including more than 27 from ASEAN, 3 from ASEC, 1 from AADCP and 1 expert speaker) and technical experts to discuss many important aspects of the ASEAN E-Commerce Project. Most prominently discussed were the topics of:

  • The results from Survey (S4) of existing approaches to Online Contract Formation and Online Dispute Resolution in ASEAN countries;
  • The practical application of Online Dispute Resolution through examination of an Online Dispute Resolution facility (Philippines) to examine dispute resolution issues in greater detail;
  • Existing approaches and activities in ASEAN member countries for Online Contract Formation and Online Dispute Resolution covered in Discussion Paper (DP3); and
  • Existing approaches and activities for Online Contract Formation and Online Dispute Resolution in other countries/regions and international organisations covered in Discussion Paper (DP4).

The objective of this Workshop was to introduce project participants to the objectives and activities of the one-year project extension to consider Online Contract Formation and Online Dispute Resolution. The Workshop confirmed the scope of the project extension and facilitated liaison between the project and the ASEAN Working Group on E-commerce and ICT Trade Facilitation (Working Group). The Working Group also met in Manila on Monday 29 May 2006 at the same venue.

Workshop content included:

  • The presentation of material and updates on national, regional and international initiatives in Online Contract Formation and Online Dispute Resolution;
  • Preliminary discussion of options for harmonisation for ASEAN; and
  • A virtual site visit to an Online Dispute Resolution facility in the Philippines.

The Workshop was facilitated by the Manila based Cyberspace Policy Centre for Asia-Pacific (CPCAP) and Galexia. The Executive Director of CPCAP, Claro V Parlade arranged for the workshop to be opened by Mr Angelo Timoteo M. Diaz de Rivera (Commissioner of e-Government Development).

W6 - Day 1: Iwan Gunawan (ACIL), Claro Parlade (Philippines), Timoteo Diaz de Rivera (Philippines), Chris Connolly (Galexia), Peter van Dijk (Galexia) and Honorio R. Vitasa (ASEC) EC-ITF Working Group Meeting: Peter van Dijk (Galexia), Ambalagan K (Chairman), Chris Connolly (Galexia) and Honorio R. Vitasa (ASEC)
W6 - Day 2: Honorio R. Vitasa (ASEC), Chris Connolly (Galexia), Ky Anh Nguyen (ASEC) and Mega Irena (ASEC) W6 - Day 2: Mega Irena (ASEC), Claro Parlade (Philippines), Maw Maw Aye (Myanmar), Khin Htwe Myint (Myanmar), Chris Connolly (Galexia) and Do Xuan Minh (Vietnam)

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