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Galexia to help develop the Australian Government e-Authentication Framework for Individuals (AGAFI) - April 2006

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Galexia has recently won a competitive tender to work with the Department of Finance and Administration to conduct consultancy services for the Australian Government e-Authentication Framework for Individuals (AGAFI). The project will involve the provision of strategic advice, and the provision of a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and Privacy Management Strategy (PMS) documentation for publication.

Galexia will also undertake investigation and report on technical approaches to protecting privacy in online transactions, known as Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs). This will incorporate assessments of the potential for PETs to enhance the uptake of online services, including their effectiveness, their maturity as protocols, implementation issues such as barriers to implementation, interoperability between these protocols and usability.

The documents will also look to investigate and report on the legal liability implications of government agencies relying on the evidence of identity and other identity management processes of other agencies and non-government organisations such as banks and financial institutions. Galexia’s work will incorporate the examination of best practice governance arrangements for the framework including an examination of current implementations in other national and international jurisdictions.

This project is an extension of previous Galexia work for AGIMO, and is a joint undertaking with Doll Martin Associates.

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