An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

3.6. Campaign tools – The continuing power of television

It may seem strange in a report on Cyber-Security to highlight the potential use of television as an education and awareness raising tool, but several of the evaluations pointed to the continuing power of television as a mechanism for reaching target audiences and delivering a clear and memorable message.

Where a project is information-only, television advertisements have been proven most effective in message dissemination. See for example the French [email protected] en ligne project
[Refer to Section 3.2 Campaign Evaluations: A. [email protected] en ligne: Sur internet, la securité ça commence aussi par vous (Family Online: Internet Security Begins With You) at page 12]

The European Evaluation of the Block Bullying Online Campaign 2009 reached a similar conclusion:

Key lesson 3: TV has been clearly identified through the evaluation evidence as the key medium for communication. Any future Campaign should build on and grow the contacts made so far. (TV stations were persuaded to provide free airtime or broadcasting discounts).[4]

Note however that although this study has found that television is an effective medium for the delivery of information-only style campaigns, the study has also cautioned against over-reliance on such campaigns. This report supports a focus on interactive resources such as quizzes, games and virtual reality tools.

[4] Evaluation of the Block Bullying Online Campaign 2009, DG Information Society and Media, Final Report, August 2009. <>