An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

3.2. Campaign Evaluations

[ Galexia Dots ]

A significant challenge in reviewing the effectiveness of Cyber-Security campaigns is that there have been few evaluations, either quantitative or qualitative, for the campaigns. The design of the campaigns may be such that evaluation only occurs at the end of the campaign. Many of the campaigns have been recently initiated such that there may not have been the opportunity for evaluation. Evaluations may also have occurred but not been publicly disclosed.

The following campaigns, therefore, have been selected due to the fact that there has been an evaluation of the campaign. The inclusion of extra detail on these campaigns is not meant to imply any support for these campaigns or to indicate that they are more worthy of study than the other campaigns listed in Appendix 1 – International Campaigns at page 22. They are being analysed in more detail simply because they include evaluations, and the evaluations provide useful lessons for Australia.