An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

France – Campaign 8 – [email protected] en ligne (family online)

An television, website and ISP advertisement campaign carried out on multiple platforms.




Campaign Name:

[email protected] en ligne: Sur internet, la securité ça commence aussi pour vous (Family Online: Internet Security Begins with You)


French Ministry of the Family, all French ISPs, and numerous private organisations and civil society.

Main URL:




One million Euros

Topics covered:

– Personal and Banking Data Protection

– Safe Blogging

– Undesirable Websites

– Undesirable Mail

– Blocking Undesirable Materials

– Parental Monitoring the Dependence of Online Games

– Instant Messaging

– Buying Online

Target Audience:

General Public, children against 11 – 17, and parents of children


– Formal advertising campaign run over two weeks over major French television stations at peak Audience: viewing time

– 10 commercials targeted at different Audiences

– Website logo linked to hundreds or private organisations and civil society websites

– All ISPs initiated a information campaign at the same time with interactive skill set initiatives

– Commercials available on YouTube as well


Formal independent evaluations of project before and after.

[Refer to Section 3.2 – Campaign A. [email protected] en ligne: Sur internet, la securité ça commence aussi par vous (Family Online: Internet Security Begins With You) at page 12.]


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