Submission - Joint submission to the 2007 Review of the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Code of Conduct to ASIC (May 2007)

GeoTrust True Site

True Site is a technology owned by GeoTrust which facilitates the dynamic creation of seals to verify the authenticity of a particular website.

Websites wishing to display a True Site trust mark (known as ‘smart icon’) register for the use of the technology by providing a fee (payable annually) and completing an enrolment form outlining details about the company. The information provided is verified by an independent third party and is then stored in a database administered by GeoTrust. The website owner then places a special JavaScript tag in the HTML code of any web page that is to display the smart icon. This tag causes the web browser to contact GeoTrust. The browser also forwards the domain name of the website which referred it to GeoTrust. GeoTrust uses the provided domain name to perform a lookup in its database. If the domain name exists in the database, GeoTrust dynamically generates an image (the smart icon) which contains a time stamp and the official name of the company as listed in the database. This image is then passed back to the web browser which in turn displays the image on the web page. Users can click on the smart icon to obtain more information from GeoTrust as to the precise identity of the produces of the web page.[53]

[53] For more information see <>.