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Fifth ASEAN E-Commerce harmonisation workshop in Singapore - December 2005

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Continuing Galexia’s series of international workshops on the ‘Harmonisation of Legal Infrastructure for E-Commerce in ASEAN’ project, Galexia co-ordinated a fifth workshop (W5) in Singapore in December 2005. The workshop brought together high-level representatives from ASEAN member countries to facilitate the practical implementation of a harmonised e-commerce legal infrastructure in the region.

The workshop was attended by over 35 delegates from member countries throughout ASEAN, and a number of high-profile guest speakers. In facilitating the practical implementation of the harmonised e-commerce legal infrastructure, training and capacity building sessions were conducted on:

  • Drafting and implementing e-commerce laws and regulations;
  • Managing e-commerce law and exemptions;
  • Making e-commerce laws accessible to business and the public;
  • Relevant international instruments (eg The UNCITRAL Convention on Electronic Contracting);
  • Recognition of digital signatures, including recognition of foreign digital signatures;
  • PKI regulation, licensing and accreditation; and
  • Business perspectives on e-commerce law.
The UNCITRAL Convention on Electronic Contracting

A keynote presentation was made at the workshop by Mr. Jeffrey Chan Wah Teck, Principal Senior State Counsel, Civil Division Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) Singapore. Jeffrey Chan is the current Vice-Chair and former Chair of the UNCITRAL General Assembly. He also chaired the UNCITRAL Electronic Commerce Working Group during the development of the UNCITRAL Convention on Electronic Contracting.

The presentation emphasised the salient features of the Convention, how the Convention alters existing international law, and the likely impact of the Convention. Skills emphasising practical considerations involved with implementing the Convention into domestic law were also developed in an interactive break-out session.

Guest Presenters at the Singapore Workshop (W5)

Guest presenters, Mr Ken Chia and Mr Kenneth Lim, were organised by Galexia to provide participants with first-hand knowledge of recent developments in APEC and the ASIA PKI Forum.

Mr Chia presented on the regional context of e-commerce laws including the need to keep e-commerce laws up-to-date through regular reviews of electronic transactions legislation.

Mr Lim’s presentation focused on the commercial deployment of PKI, including using PKI as a tool for trade facilitation.

The workshop was a highly successful conclusion to the project and delegates were provided with material that provided on going assistance in their efforts to integrate into a single online market.

This workshop marks the conclusion of a two year project conducted by Galexia to to assist ASEAN to integrate into one market for goods, services and investment by the establishment of a harmonised legal, regulatory and institutional environment for e-commerce. It will be followed by a one-year project extension that will assist ASEAN develop and implement harmonised legal infrastructures for electronic contracting and online dispute resolution

Guest Presenters and Galexians
(left to right) Peter van Dijk (Galexia), Ken Chia (Baker & McKenzie, Wong & Leow Lawyers, Singapore), Chris Connolly (Galexia) and Jeffrey Chan (Attorney-General's Chambers, Singapore)
Galexia presentation
Chris Connolly (Galexia) and Peter van Dijk (Galexia)
Galexia presents gift to guest presenter, Kenneth Lim
Chris Connolly (Galexia), Peter van Dijk (Galexia) and Kenneth Lim (CrimsonLogic, Singapore)
Guest presentation by Ken Chia
Ken Chia (Baker & McKenzie, Wong & Leow Lawyers, Singapore)

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