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Galexia complete Cyberlaws Survey in ASEAN - January 2006

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Galexia has completed a review of cyberlaws in ASEAN which presented data and examined the coverage of cyberlaws in ASEAN. The Cyberlaws Analysis supports material published as part of the ASEAN E-Commerce Project and provides information on existing and planned cyberlaw developments in ASEAN member countries. This paper has been created to assist ASEAN understand how e-commerce law ‘fits in’ to the broader context of cyberspace laws.

This analysis is also designed to assist the ASEAN E-Commerce and ICT Trade Facilitation Working Group in its consideration of the cyberlaw needs of ASEAN. It examines cyberlaws that have been enacted in all ASEAN member countries, both from an ASEAN-wide perspective and on a county-by-country basis and contains a number of conclusions and findings on the status of cyberlaw regulation in ASEAN.

The analysis examines the following cyberlaws, in each of the ASEAN jurisdictions:

  • Consumer protection;
  • Privacy and data protection;
  • Cybercrime;
  • Spam;
  • Online content regulation;
  • Digital copyright;
  • Domain name regulation;
  • Electronic contracting; and
  • Dispute resolution.

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