An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

3.1. Methodology

The second component of this research report is an analysis of the literature used to support the implementation of Cyber-Security education and awareness raising campaigns, as well as literature that evaluates the effectiveness of such campaigns.

This component examined the only 2 initiatives (out of 68) where an evaluation had been conducted – plus 5 evaluations of similar campaigns in other fields (such as cyber-safety). This study is reporting on evaluations that are available and not evaluating campaigns per se.

A significant challenge in reviewing the effectiveness of Cyber-Security campaigns is that there have been few evaluations, either quantitative or qualitative, for the campaigns. Although 68 campaigns were examined in Component 1 of this report, only 2 of those campaigns were the subject of a public independent evaluation (MakeIT Secure[1] in Ireland and Family Online[2] in France). The other 5 evaluations are therefore based on available resources that evaluate generic IT security campaigns or cyber-safety campaigns. These topics are considered compatible with Cyber-Security campaigns and still provide useful lessons.

[1] Refer to Section 3.2 – Campaign B. An evaluation of the MakeITsecure campaign at page 15.

[2] Refer to Section 3.2 – Campaign A. [email protected] en ligne: Sur internet, la securité ça commence aussi par vous (Family Online: Internet Security Begins With You) at page 14.