An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

France – Campaign 2 – Le Portail de la securite informatique (Computer Security Portal)

This site contains general advice and specific advice on a wide range of security topics, for both end users and business audiences. The information is tailored for each audience. In addition to explaining key terms such as ‘phishing’, best practice approaches for each topic are offered.




Campaign Name:

Le portail de la sécurité informatique (Computer security portal)


Agence nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information attached to the Prime Minister (National agency for security of information systems), CNIL (national agency for protection of personal data), Microsoft, April (association promoting open source softwares), Forum des droits sur internet, e-enfance (association protecting children on internet), AFA (ISP association), Groupement des cartes bancaires (credit card grouping), UTC (university of technology Compiegne), CASES (computer security portal of Luxembourg), Signal – spam (spam reporting website) and other associations protecting children or users.

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Topics covered:

Matters relating to internet security in general, including:

– e-administration

– Authentication

– Electronic certificates

– Risk management

– Cryptography / encryption

– Passwords

– Security policy (procedures, documents...)

– Secure your network (Wi-Fi)

– Secure your computer

– Digital signature

Target Audience:

General public and small business


– Autotraining programs (lessons about different topics)

– Worksheets

– Configuration guide (e.g.: activate the firewall or updating the antivirus)´

– Guides (protecting a child on internet)

– Questions / answers

– Solution to protect me (recommended software)

– Advice for people who travel with their computer/pda

– Security alerts (e.g.: new virus, phishing alerts)

– Glossary

– 10 commandments of the internet security


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