An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

France – Campaign 3 – Netcity (bus with video games)

The Netcity initiative is an education and training campaign geared towards Cyber-Security issues for 9 – 12 year old students. Netcity is a bus that tours from school to school in Switzerland and nearby.




Campaign Name:


Foundation suisse pour la protection de l’enfant and Action Innocence (both in Switzerland)

Main URL:


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Topics covered:

– Protection of personal information

– Safety tips for webcam use

– Harassment, bullying, and sexual solicitation

– Inappropriate online content

Target Audience:

Students aged 9 – 12 in schools


– is a physical bus that goes from school to school offering tailored Cyber-Security information for kids (the service is available for schools outside of Switzerland as well)

– The bus has trained IS professionals with teaching experience who provide a Cyber-Security curriculum to students

– The kids play video games teaching them about Cyber-Security and are awarded certificates after successful completion


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Additional Information:

Netcity is a physical bus that tours from school-to-school in Switzerland (and appears to also travel to neighbouring schools in countries just outside of Switzerland if requested), staffed by information security professionals with training in teaching. They deliver a hand-tailored Cyber-Security curriculum to the students in the form of instruction and video games. The video games in question are meant to educate students on how to surf the Internet safely. Part of the education package includes specific information and games about the protection of personal information.


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