An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

France – Campaign 1 – Surfez Intelligent – Les Indispensables (Surf Smart – The essentials)

This site is the result of the Interdepartmental Committee for the Information Society (July 2006). The prime minister at launch underlined the priority of reinforcement of authentication on the Internet to prevent fraud attempts (such as personal data theft including banking data). The Media Development branch of the Ministry of Culture is in charge of promoting authentication best practices on Internet.




Campaign Name:

Surfez intelligent – Les indispensables (Surf smart – the essentials)


Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – Direction générale des medias et des industries culturelles

(Ministry of Culture and Communication – General Management of media and cultural industries)

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Topics covered:

General advice divided into 3 categories:

– Personal data protection (check the websites’ URL:, choose a safe password, keep all your electronic receipt when buying something on Internet, read the terms of service)

– Emails (use a spam filter, do not click on links in an email when you do not know the sender, do not open attached files when you do not know the sender, avoid sending your phone number, create different email addresses)

– Personal computer (update your system regularly, keep your logins and passwords in a safe place, activate security options)

Target Audience:

General public


– FAQ about 3 main themes: personal data, emails and personal computer.

– Files on different topics (phishing, authentication) explaining the functioning and how to prevent it.

– Charter to promote identification

– Advice from professionals with links to public institutions or associations helping people with their issues or rights on internet.

– Quiz to check knowledge


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