An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

Canada – Campaign 5 – Fraud Squad TV

This online television channel operated by the Canadian Better Business Bureau provides a comprehensive library of fraud topics where users are able to access video episodes produced on each of the topic. The episodes include a description of the type of fraud in question, along with real stories of fraud, where to report incidents and how best to avoid becoming a victim.




Campaign Name:

FraudSquad TV


Canadian Better Business Bureau

Main URL:




Not disclosed

Topics covered:

Items related to fraud (Eg. Click fraud, ATM fraud, Canadian Tax Refund Email Scams, Online Gaming fraud, Wi-Fi fraud – there are over 70 topics related to fraud.

Target Audience:

Consumers and small business


– Online Television Content dedicated to fraud information and prevention. A short video clip airs when you go to the website explaining the purpose of FraudSquad along with video clips of current scams

– Archive of TV episodes describing scams inclusive of interviews with victims and tips for prevention

– Comprehensive library with over 70 related fraud topics (information on each topic in text and video clip formats)


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