BSA & Galexia Global Coud Computing Scorecard (2016) - Galexia Analytics Release

Standards/International Harmonization of Rules

Users need data portability and seamless interoperable applications if they are to make full use of cloud-computing services and the digital economy. IT industry organizations are developing international standards that will ensure optimal portability. Government support for these voluntary, industry-led efforts is highly important. Countries must also promote global harmonization of e-commerce rules, tariffs and relevant trade rules.

This section examines the extent to which governments have encouraged industry-led processes and promoted harmonization of e-commerce rules.

The Scorecard reveals that some countries have moved away from accepting international standards and international certifications, most notably China, India, Indonesia, Korea and Russia.

Although tariffs and trade barriers for online software and applications continue to be rare, they are still hindering new technology products used to access cloud services in a few countries. Argentina, Brazil and Russia all scored poorly in this section.

The following visualisations show the transition and patterns in the overall scores and scoring components for this theme over time (from 2012 to 2016):

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