BSA & Galexia Global Coud Computing Scorecard (2016) - Galexia Analytics Release

2016 Rank 18. India - Score: 56.08 | Change from 2013 Score: +2.99 - Rank: -1

The law in India has not entirely kept pace with developments in cloud computing, and some gaps exist in key areas of protection; notably, India has not yet implemented effective privacy legislation.

India’s cybercrime legislation also requires updating to conform to international models. Some laws and standards in India are not technology neutral (e.g., electronic signatures), and these may be a barrier to interoperability.

This year’s report notes that India imposes some local security testing requirements in addition to international testing requirements. These local testing arrangements have been the subject of criticism by India’s trading partners, including the European Union.

However, copyright laws have improved in recent years, although India still has not ratified the WIPO Copyright Treaty.

The development of India’s technology sectors remains challenging, with low levels of broadband and personal computer penetration.

Overall, India’s ranking in 2015 is 18th. India fell one place (from 17th in 2013) due to its poor results in relation to promoting free trade and international standards.

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